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The Premier Destination for Exceptional Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Delight in our Mycobar Chocolate

Our Polka Mycobar Chocolate selection is a joy to behold and a treat to the taste buds. Each chocolate piece is adorned with playful Mycobar, a visual representation of our commitment to fun and creativity in crafting our delicious offerings.

Discover the Polka Dot Shroom Bar

The Polka Dot Shroom Bar is where magic happens. It’s not just a product, but an experience. Rich, creamy chocolate infused with the purest mushroom extracts, shaped into a bar of polka-dotted perfection. It’s a feast for the senses, a harmonious blend of taste, texture, and visual appeal.

Indulge in our Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Our Mushroom Chocolate Bar range is a true testament to our innovative spirit. We’ve taken the humble mushroom and the universally loved chocolate bar, and fused them into a product that’s as delightful to taste as it is exciting to explore.

Queensland Shroom Bar – The Premier Destination for Exceptional Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Welcome to Aussie Shroom Store, your trusted source for uniquely crafted mushroom chocolate bars. We blend the enticing allure of magic mushrooms with the irresistible delight of polka dot chocolates to offer you an unparalleled taste adventure.

At Shroom Bar, we harness the natural goodness of magic mushrooms, merging it with the decadence of chocolate to create an extraordinary delicacy – our magic mushroom chocolates. Each bite is an exquisite journey, combining the earthy depth of mushrooms with the rich sweetness of premium chocolate.

Where To Buy Dried Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Queensland from a legit Magic Mushrooms online Dispensary.   Shop for dried wild and cultivated mushrooms, mushroom blend packs and powders. Rehydrated mushrooms will yield about 8 times their dried weight. Our wide selection of dried mushrooms for sale in bulk will help you keep your pantry stocked and ready. Just reconstitute the dehydrated mushrooms in water and you’re ready to go! buy magic mushrooms online Melbourne.

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Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms Shop is the number 1 Magic Mushrooms Dispensary in Australia. Buying magic mushrooms online is a great way to try them without leaving the comfort of your home. The internet makes it simple to find these mystical mushrooms. You can choose from a wide range of flavors, colors, and strains. The whole process is quick and safe. You can get expert advice on the right mushrooms for your needs, then pay with Interac e-transfer. Buy magic mushrooms online in Brisbane.

Experience the ultimate fusion of flavors and magic with our One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bars Mixed Flavors Bulk Package. Indulge in a tantalizing assortment of Do-Si-Dos, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate,

One Up Mushroom Bulk / Wholesale – All Flavors
VEGAN Dark Chocolate Bar

This magic mushroom infused chocolate bar is guilt-free with dark chocolate and zero dairy, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still delicious. Nibble on a few squares to microdose, or keep going for a fun trip! Your experience is up to you, with Shroomiez you can rest assured that you’re consuming a reliable dose of the best magic mushrooms

By opting for wholesale orders, you can relish an amplified enjoyment of your favorites. The Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate Boxes are tailor-made for festivities

Polkadot | Snickers | Contains nuts | 4g

Experience the Polkadot Mushroom Bar

Our Polkadot Mushroom Bar is the culmination of our passion for quality, innovation, and superior taste. We invite you to delve into its unique taste profile, discover its intricacies, and let it redefine what you know about chocolate bars.

At Polkadot Shroom Bar, we’re not just making chocolates, we’re crafting experiences. We invite you to explore our diverse range, indulge in the magic of our creations, and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey.

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What my clients say

How Seattle Shroom bars has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

First time Magic mushroom bar experience right here, this strain was truly amazing. 5g dose. Was a full on DMT-land experience, spent most of the trip in a “mushroom kingdom – waiting room”, which looked almost identical to the art piece done by visionary artist Jonathan Solter, called “Bismuth Temple Ascension”, but without the pyramid structures. Was stunningly beautiful, with an unbelievable amount of intelligence. So colorful and so playful, interacting with literally everything in that space the entire time. Another ounce on order. 5 stars. Seattle shroom bars for the win.
Mathew Grey
Practising for 6 months
Great costumer service and quick responses to all questions I had! You can tell the company cares about their products and their costumers experiences. As for the mushroom bars , they were great! Not that much of a visual trip at all, more so body and brain. But I also might not have taken enough to get to that extent. Overall great!
Hector Aldo
Practising for 2 months
I ordered these to micro dose and have not been disappointed. They are great to help with focus without overpoweringly physical sensations. Highly recommend!
Silvia Cruz
Practising for 4 months

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