Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge convention, to explore the boundaries of flavor, and to offer an unparalleled tasting experience to our customers. We meticulously select the finest ingredients, ensuring each  Shroom Bar not only tastes extraordinary but also delivers on our commitment to quality.

Our Promise

Our dedication goes beyond the products we make., we value our customers as much as we do our chocolates. We strive to provide not only a unique product but also exceptional service, aiming to make every interaction with us as delightful as our chocolate bars.

At Aussie Shroom Store, we believe in magic

Each polka-dotted chocolate and mushroom chocolate bar we create is the result of countless hours of experimentation, tasting, and refinement. Our products are handcrafted, with every detail carefully considered, from the subtle flavors we blend into our chocolates to the playful polka dots that adorn each bar.

  “Everyone thought I was crazy, I bit this guy’s ear off…I did all this stuff, and once I got introduced to the shrooms … my whole life changed. To think where I was – almost suicidal – to this now. Isn’t life a trip, man? It’s amazing medicine, and people don’t look at it from that perspective.”

Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, in a 1957 letter